Family History

Rudolph’s parents, Salvatore and Theresa, were born in the town of Canicatti, (Province of Agrigento) Sicily. Salvatore immigrated to the USA on the ship, “Italia”, on March 5th, 1907. Theresa immigrated to the USA on the ship, “San Gugliermo”, arriving in New York City on January 24, 1911. Both were processed through Ellis Island. They were married on October 18, 1914. Salvatore Amato opened a cigar shop in the years between 1918 and 1920 called, “Nueva Cuba”. The shop was located in the Old Harlem District on 125th street on Manhattan Island. He manufactured hand-rolled Havana cigars and sold them. Salvatore was a very skilled cigar maker. He would hand roll up to 400 cigars a day. He was approached to buy a machine that could manufacture them, but he felt that the cigars would be of inferior quality to the hand-rolled Havana’s. When mass-produced machine-made cigars saturated the market in the 1930’s, he closed his store. He got a small loft in lower Manhattan, and alone produced hand made cigars for special customers. When the Triborough Bridge was being built, the neighborhood was eliminated.

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  1. Charles Jeffrey "Moose" Amato

    Salvatore and Theresa Amato were my great grandparents. Their Son Charlie “Jake” Amato and Vera Amato were my grandparents. Charlie Amato Jr. Son of Jake and Vera is my Dad…I love reading the history of my family. I remember great grandpa and grandma very well.

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